Client Spotlight: Isabelle

Client Spotlight: Isabelle

When starting a new fitness routine, it is easy to be a little impatient. Goals never seem to arrive fast enough... Whether that is losing unwanted body fat, doing 20 unbroken sit-ups, or even getting our first pull up. We want to get better, and we want to get better fast.


This blog post is not a lesson about being more patient or trying to reassure you that overtime the improvements will come (although it’s true :) ). This post is about one aspect of your daily life you can improve immediately, your attitude.


A positive mental attitude is a cornerstone of success. If you want to become better than you are now, then adapting a positive mentality is key. Here are a few simple things you can do to get better now:

  • Enjoy yourself; enjoy every positive result of your workout/exercise program.
  • Focus; when you approach each workout like it’s a mini challenge and that each one improves the health and wellness of your body little by little, you become motivated to make each workout better than the last.
  • Be a positive influence to others; encourage others, be friendly, and have fun.

Our client Isabelle is a true example of the fact that your thoughts and desires can become a reality when you have the right mental attitude. Each day when she steps foot in our studio she is focused on doing better than she did yesterday.


Read more about our Trainer Matt’s experience training Isabelle and her positive mentality below!


Training Isabelle has been a blast. She inspires everyone in the gym with her hard work, dedication, and consistency. Since starting a little over two months ago, she has never missed a day and has actually ramped up from three times per week to five times per week to continue her pursuit of becoming stronger and adding lean muscle mass. It's been a lot of fun watching her become stronger both physically and mentally and I'm excited to see her continue to progress.



I came to the training spot to gain some muscle and get help learning to how to exercise properly. However, I got way more in return. Not only am I seeing a great difference in my body but I’m also feeling stronger, healthier, and less groggy. Matt makes the workouts fun and different, which makes the time fly by. Not only is the atmosphere and training great but so are the people. I love all the trainers and the people I have met through the training spot and it makes me look forward to my workouts.

- Isabelle S.


Is there something that’s holding you back? If your answer is YES, then don’t worry.


Changing habits can be challenging, but is not impossible. It just takes a little work.


Here are a few habits that our clients suggest you start with to adopt a new positive attitude: give your co-workers a high-five, write down an inspirational motivational quote every morning as a reminder of your goal, start your day in a workout group that promotes positivity, volunteer and help others.


Doing these things will lead to a happier life. Guaranteed!


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