Client Spotlight: Angie | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Angie | Personal Training Huntington Beach

At the Training Spot we are committed to excellence. Especially when it comes to providing life-changing results through personalized training programs and nutrition coaching. There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing our effort translate to improvements to our clients’ growth.


Every week we compile highlights from our Client Spotlight series to share the incredible success stories of our valued clients (a.k.a. TSpot Family members)


Angie is one of the rockstars at our Gothard location. She has been training with us for 3 years and has really made her health a priority. Besides working out 1x a week, she also participated the 28-day KICKSTART program back in May. After fully embracing the principles of the Kickstart program, she has been able to continue her nutrition and maximize her fitness and has reached some amazing goals!


When it comes to any new goal, attitude is what makes or breaks it and Angie sure has it made.


Continue reading if you want to read what Angie and trainer Evan have to say about their Fitness Journey together..


Angie has been doing an amazing job in the gym! Last year she had back surgery and wasn't sure if she was going to be coming back to the gym. Luckily for us she has recovered and come back with a vengeance! We started out slowly and have made a lot of progress. She is back to her normal routines doing a fantastic job. She was an avid runner before her surgery and is slowly getting back to that as well. Not only has she been getting leaner and meaner, she has also been a great promoter for the Training Spot! She has encouraged both friends and family to attend our Buddy week as well as sign up for the KickStart! Angie even recently got a free month of training for having friends sign up for training! We couldn't be happier that Angie has recovered and is back in the swing of things here at the Training Spot! Thanks for allowing us to help you get healthy and keep up the good work!



Getting close to and preparing for retirement involves an enormous amount of planning to set oneself up for making the most of the golden years. Well, let me say that investing in my health and well-being has been my best investment yet! Thanks to the Training Spot, I have found a way to increase my strength, stamina, physical appearance, and overall sense of wellbeing. Training with Evan is fun! He keeps me engaged and motivated with different and challenging workouts. I love my time at the, “T-Spot”, and I am so glad that I made the decision to invest in myself!!

- Angie J.


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