Forget Resolutions. Do This Instead | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Forget Resolutions. Do This Instead | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Looking back at the past year with a different lens may set you up for more success in the new year.


Here we are, the 12th month of 2018. It seems like we were just sitting (we mean, being active) outside enjoying another great summer, and suddenly there are just 19 days left.

As the year comes to a close, what health & wellness goals did you set for yourself in 2018 that you worked on and perhaps even conquered?


If you were to do a mind-set re-cap of the past 11 months of the year, how would you say you did on a scale of 1 – 10, as far as consistency? Knowing that consistency is the number one aspect to creating new and balanced habits, give yourself a realistic score.

Now, without any judgement, how can you improve so that you have a higher score? What small changes could you implement to remain consistent with your new desired habit(s)?


Ask yourself these questions, and use the insight (and mood boost) to step into the New Year on the right foot. December is just another opportunity for a fresh start. Going into a New Year feeling positive, encouraged and empowered already makes you a winner!


1. Look at the Hardships you've overcome (instead of only what you've accomplished)

Take a second to reflect back over 2018 and ask yourself: What hardships have I overcome? How did I overcome them? And what lessons did I learn from the experience?Looking back at how you overcame roadblocks or hardships can make you feel more prepared to take on anything that comes your way in the new year.

2.Piggyback on the things you did accomplish to set goals going forward

    However small, there are things that you have accomplished - even if they weren’t on your initial goal list. Taking note of these things, and using them to inform your goals for 2019, is a smart strategy to set yourself up for success next year.


As you close out 2018, take a few minutes to write down goals you wish to master this next New Year. Remember that a new and balanced habit can be the same as a new goal.


“While we still cling to the fantasy that 'overnight success' exists, the truth is: it doesn't. Success occurs through persistence, hard work and consistency.”

Be realisticand be fearless. Anything is possible if you can believe and envision yourself mastering it. Pick at least one goal that is outside of your comfort zone and take baby steps to overcome your normal objections. Ideally you have at least 12 new goals to focus on for 2019.


Focus on only one goal/habit at a time so it can take hold. So instead of making big sweeping pronouncements that dramatically alter your course, tweak successful habits to subtlety move you in a more resonate and rewarding direction.


Use the momentum of little successes to inspire new goals — over time the tiny adjustments in your habits can add up to big change.


To your health and success,


Mattison Fetters

Head of Operations at The Training Spot

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