35 lbs and still going... | Personal Training Huntington Beach

35 lbs and still going...  | Personal Training Huntington Beach

When the switch gets flipped, the results roll in…

What do you do when you’ve struggled with weight your whole life? You feel trapped. You lose hope. Sometimes you begin to doubt any and every idea. You get overwhelmed and as a result you never follow through.


Kris found himself in a similar position.


Having battled weight issues for a few years, he was looking for a solution when one of our clients (his mom) recommended applying for the Admin position over at our Gothard location since she figured the community would be a good fit.  


After a few weeks of working at the front desk he registered for our 28-Day Balanced Habits 28 Day KICK START™ (Phase One of our nutrition program) to get the ball rolling. He started training regularly with Evan and began following the nutrition program in September.


And something happened…..he started to produce results.


Encouraged, after experiencing the results from 28-Day KICKSTART, he made a concerted effort to follow the nutrition plan and stay consistent with his workouts.  


And after several more weeks, he was down 35lbs - which is amazing!


But he’s not planning on to sit back and rest on his accomplishments. He’s taking on more challenges and continuing to improve his habits daily.


Read more about Kris’ experience in his own words.


“I began my fitness journey a few years ago up in Seattle, but not in the way you might think. A few years ago I wasn't exercising, eating right, and I was drinking too much. However, I started feeling that I needed a change, but I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know how to start.


I spent about 2 years trying to psyche myself up to get back into the gym, or even just eat better, but instead I ended up gaining about 40 pounds and feeling more depressed than I could have imagined. Something was missing but I had no idea what it was.


Que the Training Spot. I have been familiar with this gym for awhile since my mom has been a client over at the Costa Mesa location for about 4 years now and the admin position seemed attractive, so I applied. Being super out of shape, I was hesitant on if I would fit in to gym culture. After I started, all I was hoping was that this would be the last time I tried and failed at the whole “fitness” thing. This time I wanted to try and succeed! So after about a month of easy training since my body could barely do anything (I was struggling to do about 500-1000 meters on the rower), I decided I was going all in. I would work out at least an hour per day, 5 days a week.

Not going to lie, the first 2 weeks I was sore in places I didn’t even know I had. I could barely move, but I felt super proud of myself. I hadn't given up yet!


Soon after that, Bo introduced me to Aminos, I started having protein shakes and my workouts were slowly getting easier.

By the time Kickstart came around in September, I was enjoying working out 5 days a week, but was still eating fast food on a regular basis. The nutrition game is hard.

However, the Kickstart Program was the total kick in the butt I needed to motivate me. Seeing people lose weight every week, feeling better, and watching their smiles get bigger really motivated me to focus on my nutrition


Now, after 6 full months of training and 2 months of clean eating, I’ve lost 35 pounds of fat and am actually starting to GAIN muscle for the first time in my life. I can’t imagine fitness NOT being a part of my life, and those were words I never thought I would say.


But wait, what was the secret? How was I able to do it this time after failing for so long?




Some of the best advice I’ve ever been told was that, “you are who you surround yourself with.”

I used to spend all of my free time around alcohol. Going to breweries, wineries, I even worked at both a brewery and winery before working here. Everything and everyone I was around alcohol was involved, so naturally, I drank it all the time. This time I decided to surround myself with people who are passionate about being healthy and clearly practice what they preach. I decided to trust the people who's lifestyle I envied.


They all told me what I already knew: Exercise regularly, eat good foods, and don't drink every day.


But this time I actually SAW what people were like when they were consistent with that lifestyle. Every time I wanted to give up I had Evan, Bo, Matt or Susie to encourage me to keep going and I’m so glad I did. Their support combined with the motivation I receive from all of the amazing clients here was key for me to move forward with my goals.


Each person is different, so each fitness story is different. But for me, the missing key was this community. Having such a wonderful group of people really shifted my perspective from counting the days, to making the days count.”


- Kris R.


We are so proud of Kris and all he has accomplished with his hard work. We look forward to being part of his continued growth just as we hope to grow with you.

Are you ready to feel stronger, more confident, regain more energy, and to look and feel better?


Our next 28-Day KICKSTART starts on Friday, January 18th! Let us help you start this year off on the right track and give you all the tools to make the most out of the ENTIRE year! 

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