Client Spotlight Patti | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight Patti   |  Personal Training Huntington Beach

The Importance of a community


As long as humans have been in existence, having a sense of belonging has been a fundamental need. Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word yet huge concept.


Studies have demonstrated that a sense of belonging to a greater community can affect motivation and continued persistence, even on impossible tasks. That is, if you don't feel like you belong, you are both less motivated and less likely to hang in there in the face of obstacles.


Some people belong to a church, some to a social organization, and some to a sports club. But at the center of most of these is a community. A high-level community is a small circle of people who strive for more. They are positive and supportive. They lift each other up and help you find solutions to your challenges.


And that’s exactly what we’ve created here at the Training Spot. We don’t judge or criticize. We motivate, empower and energize each other.  


Patti reflects our community just perfectly. She is supportive, kind, motivated and she always brings great energy. Being able to see her transform over these 2.5 years when she started working with our personal trainer Aaron has truly been a pleasure. Great work, Patti. We’re so happy to have you as a part of our community.


Here are her words when it comes to her experience with training at our Main Street location with personal trainer Aaron.


“I have been a client at the Training Spot for several years and the rewards have been tremendous. Frequent exercise not only helps me stay active in my preschool business (150 children!) but also relieves stress. I give a lot of the credit to my amazing trainer, Aaron Martinez, because he keeps me motivated. He is positive, encouraging, and attentive. Aaron specifically gears my workouts toward my capabilities but knows when I can handle more rigorous training. This is meaningful to me as I recently had a health issue and Aaron needed to adjust my training so I wouldn’t re-injure myself. He is the type of trainer who goes that extra mile for his clients. Thank you, Aaron, and the Training Spot. I am forever grateful!” - Patti Y.


Her trainer, Aaron, shares, “I have had the privilege to train Patti these past few years and am continually inspired by this woman. Patti has gone through so much this past year causing her to miss so many months of training due to a health issue. As soon as Patti was given the green light from her doctor she is texting me to schedule her next training session and is so excited to be here at The Training Spot. Patti is always so positive and has the biggest smile on her face; she is the kind of person who will go out of her way to help anyone in need. I wanted to highlight Patti because of the heart she has for her training as well as the heart she has for others. Thank you Patti and great job!”


If you or someone you know is struggling on any level personally, we invite you or them into our community. If this is something you know you need in your life, share your thoughts with us. We’re here to support however we can.


Here's to your health and success.

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