Client Spotlight: Dana | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Dana | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Dana is one of our rockstars over at the Gothard location! She works out regularly with her daughter Rachel and it’s always an uplifting experience. Her work ethic is inspiring. She is coachable, she’ supportable, and she’s willing to challenge herself and be uncomfortable in order to succeed. Not only does she invest in her own workouts, Dana cultivates relationships with everyone she’s around at the gym. She has built and established her own ‘community’ at the gym that she (and they!) look forward to seeing on a regular basis. She’s found the secret to good health: exercising with like-minded people and having fun while doing it!

We are so happy to have her as a part of our community and are so proud of her accomplishments thus far. Congratulations, Dana, you earned it!


Here’s her experience with our trainer Evan in her own words.


As the years are flying by, I refuse to give in to the aches and pains that come with aging. Training at the T-Spot is helping me to stay healthy and strong. I appreciate Evan's encouragement and great workout plans, and I love all the friends that I get to hang out with! I leave each session feeling positive and strong. Thank you to Evan, Bo, Aaron, and everyone I work out with (that would be you Mel, Jane, and Rachel!). At a recent checkup, the nurse took my blood pressure and said I had the heart of an elite athlete; that's proof that regular exercise is working! - Dana T.


And here is what our trainer Evan has to say about Dana’s fitness journey.


Dana works out with us 3 days a week. She works out with her daughter Rachel and the two of them push each other each workout. The past few months I have really seen an improvement especially with Dana's range of motion in both her knees and her shoulders. She once had a doctor tell her he didn't know how she was walking because she had no cartilage in her knees at all. With patience and hard work we have got her lunging, squatting and deadlifting regularly. She can also leg press 12 plates of #45!! Dana always gives 110% and is a pleasure to train. We are gonna to make great strides in 2019 and I can't wait to see Dana's progress as she prepares for her first Push Up for Charity Event! - Evan


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