Client Spot Light: Don | Personal Training Costa Mesa

Client Spot Light: Don  | Personal Training Costa Mesa

One of the best feelings you can have while on your fitness journey is when you surprise yourself. When you set your goals and seem to be working toward them forever, but then you look up and all of the sudden your goal is far in the past and you’re working towards an even greater achievement. Don is the perfect example of how much you can accomplish when you stay focused and  trust your trainer.


Don was able to build a routine that he enjoyed, stayed consistent with it, and has far surpassed his goals. Don is the perfect example of what it takes to maximize your efforts when you come into the gym. He’s ready to go, gives it his all, and shows up with a great attitude. Doing this for a long enough time, you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can do. There’s no better feeling than looking back on your goals and being able to say, “hey I did that!”.


Read more about how Don and his trainer Matt were able to accomplish some great goals together below:


Training Don has been nothing short of a blast. He consistently pushes himself and lifts up everyone else around him with his positive attitude and supportive personality. I’ve had the opportunity to be his workout buddy for the last couple of years or so and I’m constantly shocked at his strength and willingness to up the ante. You know what they say, “if the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending...” Keep it up Don and thanks for your constant support!

- Matt F.


When I started at the Training Spot with Matt I didn’t really have a goal in mind. I signed up because I enjoyed the family like atmosphere, the attention to detail, safety, and the caring and consideration of all the staff. It’s something to start your morning off with a big hello from Susie at the front. In the past two years, Matt helped me develop a goal and love for strength training. It has helped maintain a strong foundation too for my active lifestyle and kept me energized and healthy. Since I started, I have had some very memorable personal records most notably in moving from a 225lbs squat to a 365lbs squat to a 405lbs squat. It is a cool feeling after failing to even be able to hold a certain amount of weight to being able to fully push out reps.

- Don s.


Matt is the Head of Operations at The Training Spot as well and runs the two studios in Hunting Beach as well.


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