Client Spotlight: Chris | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Chris | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Sometimes a little push is all we need to transform our lives which is exactly what happened to our client Chris. Chris, like any of us, got out of the habit of exercising on a regular basis, but with a little push he was able to rediscover his love and passion for lifting heavy. Sometimes even an Ironman needs an extra boost to get motivated again! Chris is one of those people that just radiates energy and lifts the whole room up. Having him as a part of our morning crew is an absolute pleasure.  Whether it be Captain America, Iron man, or Chris G, sometimes all you need is a good friend or trainer to keep your head in the game!

Read more about Chris and how he re-discovered his passion for heavy lifting with our trainer Evan below:


Chris has been with the Training Spot for just over a year now and has really kicked it into high gear. He is a part of my 5:30 am crew which has 3 of the strongest guys in our gym. This year Chris has set the bar high by setting goals of back squatting 275#, deadlifting 300# and bench pressing 245# for reps! He is on track to blow those out of the water and its still only February! Chris, along with his wife Kelly, are a great part of our community, creating song playlists for our morning crew and always taking part in any Training Spot event and even setting up some of their own. I foresee 2019 being a great year for Chris, keep up the great work! - Evan


I am thrilled to have been nominated as the Client of the Month for February at the Gothard T-Spot location. I have been a T-Spot member for a little over a year now, and I have found the overall experience as high “Energy In” for me. My original desire was to get fitter and leaner to start competing in long-distance triathlons again. After completing three full Ironmans, the last in 2007, I sort of became somewhat of a “couch potato” again. With Evan’s help and guidance, what has happened over the past year is that I have found a new love of fitness that has evolved beyond my original goals. I really found that I like to lift heavy, or at least what constitutes heavy for me, and I like training around some of the core/classic lifts (squats, presses, deadlifts, etc.). Evan and I are currently working on getting all my main “core” lifts above the 250# mark this year. I think my final hurdle will most likely be my bench press. Again, I have been so impressed with all the T-Spot staff (of course Evan tops the list) and my workout family.

Chris G.

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