Power of Consistency: 5 steps to Achieving your Health Goals | Personal training Huntington Beach

Power of Consistency: 5 steps to Achieving your Health Goals | Personal training Huntington Beach


Far too many people needlessly struggle with weight loss and fitness. There is no substitute for having expert guidance, a program designs specifically for you by a fitness professional and the accountability and support to see it through. 

Some would argue that consistency is the single most powerful tool you have in reaching your goals.

In terms of health related goals many people focus on the numbers… They have an idea of a weight that want to be at and fixate themselves on the scale and what it is telling them. The key is to forget about the numbers! Focus on being consistent with your healthy habits and the byproduct of that consistency will show on and off the scale.

“Success Doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

Here are 5 tips that we built our consistency towards leading a healthy lifestyle:

1. Keep your eye on your why. Keeping a clear vision on what you are trying to achieve. Draw a clear picture and instill it in your mind. By having a clear and enticing goal will help encourage you to stay consistent in climbing the ladder to your goal.

2. Build a solid base. Getting yourself into a routine that is manageable will help with longevity. Many people create unrealistic expectations and that ultimately leads to fall off. Make sure pick one thing at a time, you choose what works for you and hold yourself accountable with those attainable habits. Once you master one habit, then pick something else. This way it will be less tedious and way more effective.

3. Find your wiggle room. After you have built a solid base you will need to allow yourself to deviate from it. The goal here is to find balance. There will be times when your routine is thrown off schedule and you need to be able to handle a disruption without feeling like you have failed.

4. Check-in with yourself. Being comfortable in your routine is great for consistency but sometimes the body needs change. Make sure to check in with your progress every once and a while to make sure the results are showing. If you hit a plateau you might want to refocus certain habits to help meet your goals.

5. Catch the wagon. It may often seem to us that we were riding in a wagon, but due to our negligence, we lost our seat in it and we fell off that wagon. If you fall off the wagon then get up, run and catch that wagon. Similarly, in life we may fail to do one or two things but that doesn't mean we stop. Life doesn’t stop, so shouldn’t we. We should be focused to continuously keep on riding the wagon of life. Know, that there is always a seat reserved for you in life’s wagon!

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Here at The Training Spot we value our relationships and that is built off consistency, continually showing up for our clients both mentally and physically. We know when it comes to health, consistency is probably one of the biggest challenges. But we also know that being consistent with a comprehensive personal training program is how you will achieve the best results.


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