Client Spotlight: Gail | Personal Training Costa Mesa

Client Spotlight: Gail | Personal Training Costa Mesa

Sometimes we overlook our success’ and forget to celebrate! Today, we wanted to celebrate our Costa Mesa client of the month, Gail for becoming the Gail that she always wanted to be and for reaching her goals! Sometimes when we get so focused on improving, we forget to look back on everything we’ve accomplished and just say “good job!” Gail has succeeded on multiple fronts; in our Kickstart program and personal training as well as overcoming painful injury. Her dedication to herself is a true testimony to what you can do when you focus and have a clear goal you want to reach. Awesome job Gail, you’re an inspiration to us all!


Read more about Gail and her experience with our trainer Stevie below!


Gail has been a part of the Training Spot family for many years now. After taking a break and after a major surgery she came back to the Costa Mesa gym to jump start her fitness journey. Since she has started it has been amazing to her confidence, composition and outlook change. She is consistent with her workouts and recently just killed it in the kickstart! I was so impressed by her mindset. From day 1 of the 28 days she set a goal and crushed it! I am so proud and impressed by you Gail. You truly are an inspiration.

- Stevie


When I began training with Stevie last year, I was weak from a surgery recovery as well as a recent leg injury. She has helped me become stronger and I can see some upper arm definition that was lacking before! The sled was daunting at first, but I kept hanging in there. Together, we have added more weights to the sled, and I was happily surprised that I am able to handle more. I have to also say that my history of bad back problems has made me a little tentative around weight training. But, with Stevie’s guidance, she has strengthened my core and my back and gives me routines that are safely keeping my back in good shape. I value the work we are doing together and grateful for her support particularly in through my Kick Start.

- Gail W

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