Client Spotlight: Mike R | Personal Training Costa Mesa

Client Spotlight: Mike R | Personal Training Costa Mesa

Camaraderie and community are two aspects of fitness we don’t always think about. The feeling of fellowship with others - as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals - can be incredibly motivating! Our client Mike is a perfect example of how a community can encourage you to thrive. Mike joined us about 8 weeks ago for our KICKSTART program. Being a runner Mike was in good shape, however, he really wanted to put on lean muscle mass and increase his strength. Now that he’s been training consistently with trainer Aaron, he’s in a comfortable routine where he has been shedding unwanted body fat and constantly getting stronger. Awesome job Mike! We are so proud of you and are so excited to watch you thrive!


Read more about Mike and his journey with his trainer Aaron below:


It is always fun as a trainer to have a client who has a work ethic that is so intense. Mike shows up to the gym with a desire to make himself better and to take one step closer to his goals. Mike came to the training Spot with very specific goals of gaining muscle mass and we have done just that and continue to march in that direction. Thus far we have dropped 4.5% body fat and gained 5.1lbs of muscle. Great work Mike and keep up the great work.—Aaron


In the past, I had done my own cardio and weights but I wanted someone with expert knowledge to get me to the next level. In joining the Training Spot, I got that and a lot more. I’ve been working with Aaron for eight weeks now and I can already feel a difference with my workouts that I couldn’t get on my own. He varies the exercises constantly and customizes them for my goals and for how my body feels on a given day. Aaron has a great knack for knowing when and how to push me in a way for me to succeed, not fail. He’s also super patient with all my questions on what and why we are doing things so I am confident that I am optimizing my time during the workouts. I like that he doesn’t hover over me and I know he’s paying attention with comments from across the floor and occasional 1x1 time too. In addition to that, I’ve connected with many other staff there and chat about making sure my nutrition is in sync with my workouts and my goals. Everyone is friendly and listens and we find time to talk about life in general. It’s a great small family that I feel I have become a part of. - Mike R.

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