Client Spotlight: Leilah | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Leilah | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Leilah is one of our super-moms over at our Gothard location. She’s able to do it all! She balances running her own business, being an awesome mom and wife, and crushes her fitness goals at the same time. How does she do it all? She made the decision to commit to her goals, made them a priority, and hasn't given up. She has been able to create the mindset she needed in order to accomplish everything she does on a regular basis. Great job Leilah!


Learn more about how Leilah was able to fit fitness into her busy schedule below:


Leilah has been such a pleasure to train. Leilah started about 10 months ago and felt she needed to get back to being healthy and fit. About five years ago she had started her own business in the beauty and wellness industry and along with running that and caring for her family she had neglected herself. Being in the industry she is in, she felt it was time to get back in shape and gain a bit of confidence. Now she is focused on the goal of kicking butt! She does travels here and there for work but still plans out her workouts weeks in advance! Most weeks she trains 2-3 times a week but she has done a few 5 days a week. Highly motivated and massively dedicated she is a woman on a mission! She is down in body fat, gaining strength and feeling good! Keep up the great work Leilah! - Evan W.


I am a mom and a business owner. About six years ago I quit my corporate job to start a company that I was passionate about. Balancing the new company with motherhood proved to be all I could handle. I didn’t make time to exercise, ate whatever I could get my hands on quickly and basically worked around the clock for years. Last Spring I decided I needed professional help to get myself back to looking and feeling like myself. Between my travel, my husband’s travel, my work schedule and my daughter’s schedule, time is tight and I didn’t know how to fit in exercise. Thank God for TSpot and my friend Evan! He is patient with my limited schedule and fits me in anytime. I am feeling really good and fit. My darling hubby even saw how much I loved it and joined. Thank you, Evan! - Leilah M.

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