Find Out How Virginia Crushed Her Goals For Only $25 Per Session | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Find Out How Virginia Crushed Her Goals For Only $25 Per Session | Personal Training Huntington Beach

The 28-Day KICKSTART, which we do 3 times per year (starting again on May 17th!) is meant to be the BEGINNING of your weight loss program, not the ENTIRE program. If you follow it properly, you will not only get GREAT results during the KICK START, but you will continue to get results long after! Just like Virginia.

Virginia joined our KICK START back in January and did amazingly well. Since then, she has become a part of our TSpot family and stuck to the nutrition principles she learned during the 28-Day KICKSTART and has been crushing her goals ever since!


Read more about Virginia and her journey with the KICKSTART:


"I joined the t spot in January of this year. After spending the last 8 years either pregnant or breastfeeding one of my three children, to say I neglected fitness was a gross understatement. I ate rather healthy but was still left tired, holding on to weight and lacking strength.


I knew I had to do something if I wanted to be the mother I wanted to be and the person I wanted to take into the next decades of my life. A trainer at a box gym wouldn’t work for me. I’d never stick to going to classes.


I looked for an alternative and stumbled upon the T Spot. I was more than pleased with the program. It is a nutrition plan, not a diet. It does exactly as it advertises: it is a way of life that maximizes your own body’s potential to operate at its peak performance level. And - you lose weight and inches!


As for the strength training portion of my program, I have never felt in more capable hands. All of the staff are knowledgeable. The workouts vary and keep me interested. If I were ever worried about motivation, my trainer Evan has it covered. He cheers me on. Encourages me. Checks in with me. And best of all, deals with my disorganization around my erratic schedule! The whole premise of the T Spot is simply to help you succeed in your health goals. They’ll stop at nothing to get you there! It has been my pleasure and a blessing to have found a place that I could begin and continue to grow my fitness journey.


Thank you Evan and TSpot!" -Virginia T.


We are so proud of Virginia and all she has accomplished with her hard work. We look forward to being part of her continued growth just as we hope to grow with you.


Are you ready to feel stronger, more confident, regain more energy, and to look and feel better? Our next 28-Day KICKSTART starts on Friday, May 17th!


See how this program can help you with developing a healthy mindset and strategy to live a consistently nutrition-rich life.


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