Client Spotlight: Ed | Personal Training Huntington Beach

Client Spotlight: Ed | Personal Training Huntington Beach

A family who works out together… grows together! Our Gothard client of the month Ed joined us after his wife and daughter had such a positive experience with their trainer Evan. Since then, Ed and his family have become a major part of our community and continue to work hard together!


Read more about Ed and his experience with his trainer Evan at our Gothard location below:


Ed started at the Training Spot a few months after his wife and daughter. Not wanting to be left out he started out at full speed intent on making up for lost time. Both his wife and daughter have been previous clients of the month after doing really well in our Kickstarts and Ed continues the family tradition of kicking butt in the gym. He wakes up and comes in bright and early (5:30 am) to gain strength and work on his fitness. He is one of the most intense guys when he's working out and you can literally see it when he's here. His strength and endurance have really increased over the year he's been here. I'm extremely confident in his abilities and have had a great time working with him! Keep up the great work Ed, I'm excited to see where we are in another year! -Evan



I came to the Training Spot after my wife and daughter participated in the kickstart. They saw results & convinced me to join so I too could get into better shape. The experience to date has been great. Evan has helped me to gain strength & become more agile. Thank you Evan for this honor. Your training has allowed me to do so much more each day. I feel that all of the exercising and training I am doing now is something I am actually starting to enjoy. I feel that all of the results which I am seeing & feeling are positive, knowing how much I am truly getting out of each session. For that I am grateful. -Ed


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