Nutritional education

Here at The Training Spot we realize nutrition plays a larger role than ever before in helping clients reach their health and fitness goals. In fact, it is the foundation of their success.

We are proud to offer Customized Nutrition Programs. In conjunction with our amazing fitness programs we’ve helped thousands of OC residents create a younger, healthier version of themselves.

Our goal is to help educate you on how to achieve results by eating the food you love correctly.

Take On Long-Term Success With The LIFE Nutrition Training Program

Our LIFE Nutrition Program is a one-on-one program designed to teach you how to eat properly for life. Our approach is evidence-based and tailored around you. At The Training Spot we do not believe in the term “diet” as it only gives short-term results and often leads to the well-known yo-yo effect. We have a trusted team of nutritionists and a leading certified food coach to teach you how to fuel your body and support your lifestyle for the long-term, so you don’t ever need to ‘diet’ again.

The Life Nutrition Program is: 

EASY TO FOLLOW: Our programs are custom designed to your individual body, lifestyle and goals. We focus on getting our clients the results they want and deserve. You don’t have to count calories, points or macronutrients, we do all the heavy lifting for you and you just follow the plan.

ONE ON ONE COACHING: You will have access to our certified Food Coach who will guide you through every aspect of your program, and who will motivate, inspire and educate you…because after all ‘It is Your Life’.

SCIENCE BACKED: Over the last 30 years the LIFE program has transformed thousands of lives. The program produces incredible results relying on real food, not products or supplements.

Take advantage of our THREE, SIX, And TWELVE month options and gain access to:

  • An individualized nutrition plan
  • Food and exercise journal
  • Tools to help you create balanced meals
  • Easy to follow, health-conscious recipes

OR Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey With The Balanced Habits 28-Day Kick Start Nutrition Training Program! 

The Kick Start Program is a 28-Day customized nutrition program. It is designed to demonstrate how you can ‘kick start’ your health and fitness journey in just 28-days. The program includes all the tools you need in order to create eating habits that not only will help you to reach your goals, but also help you to sustain them.

Since 2008, over 80,000 people have KICK STARTed their health and fitness journey with this Balanced Habits Program.

Will you be next?

Nutrition plays a great role to our health in our daily lives. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or develop a healthier lifestyle, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition.

During the 28-Days you receive a structured roadmap to eat sensibly. Expect to be inspired, motivated, supported, coached, educated and trained by our elite team of fitness and nutrition experts. Expect to set and achieve goals, make supportive new friends, gain a newfound level of confidence in your body. We guarantee you will look and feel better than you have in years.

The Kick Start Program Includes: 

  • A Food Coach
  • A Customized meal plan
  • Assessments and weekly weigh-ins
  • Easy-to-follow Weekly Menus & Recipes

Take The First Step Toward A Healthier Lifestyle With Our Nutrition Training In Huntington Beach And Costa Mesa

For a lot of us, Nutrition Training is the hardest part of being healthy. We're here to help. Join us in Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa for our cutting-edge programs and proven support system. We'll help you stop guessing and start seeing results.

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